About Us

Martin and Mateo Morales are social entrepreneurs who were born to work together – literally. The fraternal twin brothers were born and raised in Chandler, Oklahoma, to first generation immigrants.

Upon graduating from the University of Oklahoma (class of 2012), the brothers found that a common gripe among their peers was the inability to land good employment straight out of college. The “fresh grads welcome, but with experience” conundrum in many job ads have bothered them and countless other hopeful Millennials.

OKAZPPTCC – the quirky acronym for “Oklahoma A to Z Professional Pursuits, Tools, and Career Counseling” – was started in response to this. With OKAZPPTCC, Martin and Mateo hope to spark real change on a personal level, for fresh graduates or soon-to-graduate college students in the midst of searching for their first job. OKAZPPTCC works at and with the Launch Pad business incubator to offer personalized consultation and coaching at their Edmond, Oklahoma office space. Besides consulting on employment matters, OKAZPPTCC also offers referrals to training resources. The up-and-coming company’s main clientele are recent graduates who are seeking meaningful and fulfilling employment – their first “real job” and first step towards a professional career.

Martin and Mateo each have colorful resumes, both having dabbled in production and entertainment before cutting their teeth on the entrepreneurship scene. Their work ethic draws heavily from the can-do spirit they were raised with. The great American Dream has always been a big part of their motivation. The brothers truly believe that America is a land of endless opportunity, and no less for Millennials like themselves. OKAZPPTCC is their personal project to help job seekers in need of guidance. Always counting their blessings, the brothers also make sure to give back to the land that has given them the opportunity to lead the lives they do. The company makes sure to set aside time for pro bono consultations and coaching for those displaying true need.

With OKAZPPTCC, Martin and Mateo hope to offer a helping hand and powerfully effective career insights for those who need a boost onto the first rung of the corporate ladder.