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Fiona Anson is a co-founder and director of Workible, an innovative mobile and social recruitment app for the flexible workforce industries. Workible is set to disrupt the recruitment industry by allowing businesses in the retail, hospitality, transport, construction and SME sectors to search, find and recruit flexible candidates quickly in real time, anywhere and on most smart devices, significantly shortening the traditional recruitment period.

As a serial entrepreneur she’s managed to create numerous successful ventures. In the early 2000s she was at the forefront of the growing coaching industry. In 2001 her company won the American Express Fastest Growing Business Award. The company grew quickly aided by a move into the corporate arena where she was able to form alliances with big name companies, including American Express, CCH Australia and Vero Insurance. In the same year she was also awarded the Sydney Businesswoman of the Year and was a NSW Finalist for Telstra Businesswoman of the Year.

She is a keynote speaker and have presented numerous presentations, workshops and seminars in Australia and overseas for industry associations, large corporations such as Apple and HP, training organisations, government departments and small business organisations.

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Staff Utilization Management In Retail

To fulfill a constantly shifting demand for goods and services, the world relies on retailers. Today’s retailers face a range of challenges:
• Smarter consumers
• Changing economic conditions
• New competition… and more
Inefficiencies in today’s retail systems are compounding these problems, often contributing to declining profits, deteriorating customer service levels and negative environmental impact.
Your retail organization must innovate to find ways to operate more efficiently and deliver new capabilities that differentiate you from your competition.
A comprehensive approach to integrated asset and service management can help meet these challenges by driving smarter operations that meet your operational demands today and provide a path to strategic innovation and transformation.
Enterprise asset management solutions from IBM can help you drive smarter operations by infusing intelligence into your enterprise asset and asset management processes across business and operational boundaries. With our solutions, you can:
• Improve real estate management
• Optimize your facilities
• Improve the productivity of transportation assets
• Improve manufacturing efficiency
• Improve asset availability in stores and distribution centers
• Optimize IT asset management
IBM EAM solutions can help deliver:
• Improved real estate and construction processes…
• Improved management of real estate leases…
• Lower construction and facility management costs…
• And increased brand value through reduced environmental impact.
These solutions can also optimize maintenance of assets throughout their lifecycle, extending usable life, reducing costs and supporting sustainability goals. Transportation and fleet management from IBM can help you manage all of your transportation asset types. Our solutions can:
• Help address stringent regulatory requirements through integrated record-
• Extend asset life by improving maintenance processes…
• Optimize parts management…
• Reduce road calls and unplanned maintenance, and…
• Help you move from corrective to preventive maintenance
Integrated asset management capabilities from IBM include full capabilities to track and manage all of your critical manufacturing assets and services through the entire asset life cycle. This can help you enhance asset effectiveness, performance and utilization at lower costs, reduce shrinkage, improve control over critical assets and facilitate compliance efforts through rigorous monitoring and reporting.
IBM solutions can help you reduce equipment downtime in stores and distribution centers. This can improve safety and compliance and improve technician productivity.
The result? Better operational efficiency.
Finally IBM asset management solutions can help you optimize your IT infrastructure — both data center and customer-facing devices, helping to keep these key assets running smoothly.
By providing all the information required tracking, managing and servicing IT assets efficiently through their entire life cycle, EAM solutions from IBM can help you maximize return on assets, improve staff productivity and reduce compliance risks.
If you are looking for ways to innovate and improve service while ensuring a quality end-to- end user experience, explore IBM asset and service management solutions.
With integrated service delivery and management platform from IBM, you can achieve service innovation through improved visibility, control and automation.
Let’s build a smarter planet.

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Retail Outlet Careers


Jerry Kaye, Sales Director at Textile Discount Outlet (the largest textile centre in the US Midwest), shares her advice in how best to achieve a successful career in sales and retail.

Those looking to start or further a career in sales, will benefit from Jerry’s insightful answers to the following questions:

“What do you look for in a sales job applicant?”
“Can you describe your own career-path that has led you to achieving a position of sales director?”
“What basic skills does your position require, and sales in general?”
“How do you best motivate your sales team?”

An Innovate CV resume will help you get the job you always wanted in sales and retail!

Get the professional skills you need for your successful career in sales and retail — visit Innovate CV’s Career and Training Centre!

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