Aviation Careers

Almost every child has dreamed of flying, propelling through the air like Superman, flying a jet fighter or being a professional airline pilot. At Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology dreams become reality every day.

Students choose Spartan because of our worldwide reputation for providing quality flight instruction. Since 1928, Spartan has been helping pilots reach their goals as professionals in aviation. The iPad based curriculum allows students to move through their training faster and with more opportunity to practice as they learn. In addition, Tulsa, Oklahoma provides excellent weather conditions for flight training.

Spartan has proudly trained thousands of military pilots from the early days training Army Corps and Royal Air Force pilots to today as Spartan provides Cessna 182 and Grand Caravan training for the United States Air Force.

You can become a part of the rich Spartan history and embark on a rewarding and exciting career as a professional pilot.

Learn more here: http://www.spartan.edu/programs/pilot-training