The company that makes Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Wonder Bread is closing its doors. After 80 years in business, Hostess says financial problems are forcing them to close. Hostess has been dealing with striking workers, and yesterday their label union refused to budge on negotiations. So, today the food maker filed for liquidation. The closing caught tens of thousands of workers off guard, including many here in Middle Tennessee. The 25 employees that showed up to work every morning at the Hostess Outlet on Charlotte Pike are looking for new jobs tonight, because as of 5pm, all Hostess brand operations were shut down. Every Twinkie taken off the shelves brought West Nashville’s Hostess Outlet one step closer to closing its doors for good.”I didn’t have a say in the matter so it’s very disappointing,” says District Sales Manager Matt Dial.Friday morning, Texas-based Hostess Brands announced it filed a motion with the U.S. Bankruptcy court to close the business and sell its assets. The company says a Bakers Union strike left them no choice but to shut Hostess down. It was a decision that left 18,000 workers nationwide out of a job, like Dial. Dial says the hardest part of an emotional last day was breaking the news to 2 dozen employees that they’d be out of a job less than a week before Thanksgiving.”I told them all I wish them luck and as I say, I know they’re a good group of guys and they will bounce back on their feet, but as I say, it’s really disappointing,” says Dial.Hostess announced baking operations have already been suspended nationwide, which could mean no more Twinkies, Snowballs, or any other Hostess products ever.”My grandbaby won’t ever have a Twinkie,” says Julie Lane. “You know he’s going to be born in March, so he’ll never have a Twinkie.”Fans of the cream-filled snacks like Lane are hoping another company will buy the brand and keep Twinkies on the shelves, but for now they plan to get their hands on as many as they can. Dial says the store would remain open until the shelves are cleared. As for the hundreds of pounds of products in the warehouse behind the store, Dial says he’d like to see them donated to help feed the hungry this Thanksgiving. Many of our viewers are reacting on Facebook tonight.”How sad, hope things change,” says Lisa Jones. “We must stand up for our country and our jobs!””You know some of them have worked there forever,” says Beth Donahue-Weedman. “So sad.””Used to go there to pick up stale cakes to feed livestock, I’m gonna miss this place and the fine folks who worked there,” says Nick Kirby.

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