Paul G. Miller Jr., Certified Public Accountant, serves individuals and small businesses in Jacksonville, Fla. with valuable accounting and financial consulting services. Through working closely with clients to assess currents finances and future goals, Paul G. Miller Jr. is able to provide clients with the knowledge and resources to optimize assets.

Small business owners know that organizing finances can be difficult. Paul G. Miller Jr., CPA offers professional financial consultation that can improve the efficiency of your business and help you redirect time and money where you need it most.

Tax management, employee payroll and cash flow management services are customized to meet the needs of your business. Business audits and reviews can give you the documentation you need to secure the financing to help your business grow.

Our state and federal tax codes are complicated and difficult to understand. Paul G. Miller Jr., CPA provides professional tax management services to individuals and small businesses in Jacksonville, Fla. Through personalized service, Paul Miller Jr. helps clients in a variety of fields with tax preparation, tax planning and advocating for clients seeking adjustments from the IRS Appeals Office.

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